What is the wrapping paper wrapping paper have what use

What is the wrapping paper?

The layer of paper packaging items, new items without wrapping paper would give people lack a kind of mystery, let a person at the same time

Think item class is not good enough. What is wrapping paper, wrapping paper is the items of clothing; Like a person is a good letter of introduction, the coat is a good letter of introduction

Items need to packing.

There are many different kinds wrapping paper, but are different material. Paper mainly include kraft paper, skin paper, coated paper, etc

The material. Wrapping paper is need to print all sorts of design, as if to embroider on the clothes. The wrapping paper in different fields at the same time, demand

Various features are different, the gift wrapping paper has high strength and high water proofing property is strong, flexible, and food packaging hygiene requirements.

No bacteria, n

Sweep sweep, and attention

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