Shanghai Zhuang Li paper industry specializes in production, sales and processing of low weight thin paper, with advanced printing and cutting equipment. More professional technicians serve you one to one.
Our products are mainly divided into three categories
1. thin paper printing: 1 - 6 color. 17g-40g Sydney paper printing. 14g-60g printing service. All kinds of moistureproof paper printing. This kind of product is mainly applicable to: clothing. Shoes. The packaging of cosmetics and other products.
2. color paper wire: can be customized for all kinds of colors. This kind of product is mainly used in cosmetics. The packing of candy and fragile products. It can be very good to play the role of buffer protection products.
3. paper plate. Paper tape: the minimum width of the paper is 1cm. gram weight range: 17g-280g, no fracture joint, smooth cross section

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