"The Canadian Stair and Railing Association dedicated to consumer safety by promoting cooperation between legislators and industry in the development of clear and enforceable building regulations."


Welcome to S.A.R.A.

The Stairs and Railing Association is non-profit organization whose members include professional contractors, manufacturers and wholesalers of stair and railings and other services with in our industry.

Since SARA's beginnings we have become a voice for our industry within Canada. With our 40 members and countless supporters, we have now been recognized at the national level of governments to voice your concerns. Becoming part of SARA allows you access to code commission rulings, national building code iterations, and supporting research documents. We now offer a technical committee in house that provides insight to your very own code concerns.

Whether you have issues at the municipal, provincial or national level we are here to support and assist you with those issues. Is it not time that your voice was heard?