"The Canadian Stair and Railing Association dedicated to consumer safety by promoting cooperation between legislators and industry in the development of clear and enforceable building regulations."


Become a Member of SARA

Becoming a member of the Stair and Railing Association of Canada (SARA) represents a commitment to an improved railing and manufacturing industry. SARA helps railing and stair manufacturers to speak with one voice to inform builders, governments, and clients. SARA promotes a professional railing industry.

Railing manufacturers want to provide their customers with the products and services they demand. SARA's main goals include addressing such issues as product installation & design standards, design flexibility, guard climb ability, product quality, and workforce capacity.

The membership advantages of joining the association are considerable. Only SARA members are able to use the SARA membership logo. By using the SARA logo, members are recognized for their skill, expertise and professionalism. Builders and clients will recognize the SARA symbol with your commitment to honesty, integrity and high quality. All SARA members must follow the SARA code of ethics.

The association provides advice on specific issues that affect you and your business. The association can help you to develop a plan to address these issues. As a member, you will be able to participate in our annual general meetings and seminars, where you will have the opportunity to discuss issues affecting your business, and make suggestions on how SARA may help you to address these issues.

Benefits to SARA:

Dues must be paid annually, other payments arrangements can be, made with the approval of the membership committee. Dues are based on the SARA fiscal 2011 to 2012.

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